Welcome to the Program in Cinema and Media Studies

THE PROGRAM IN CINEMA AND MEDIA STUDIES is an interdisciplinary unit focusing on the history, theory, and analysis of cinema and other audio-visual media. Our Faculty represent a wide swath of the College of Arts and Humanities, including the Departments of English, History, and Art History, and the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.

The Program has teaching and research strengths in the world cinema, film and media theory, early cinema, feminist and women’s cinema, the history of American cinema, science and the moving image, and various national cinemas throughout the world.

The Undergraduate Major in Cinema and Media Studies takes a capacious view of cinema and media studies, and requires students to choose classes among four subject areas: Film Theory; National & International Cinema; Documentary, Animation, and Experimental Cinema; and Genre & Auteur Cinema. An in-depth two-semester study of the history of cinema is also required. In addition, students can elect to add courses in digital film production.

The Graduate Field Committee in Film Studies allows graduate students to study in their home department and include film studies faculty as advisors and committee members. Many Film Studies faculty are also members of the Graduate Program in Comparative Literature, which allows another avenue for graduate studies in cinema and media studies at the University.

The Program in Cinema and Media Studies is committed to the advancement of research and teaching on all aspects cinema and media studies, and welcomes participation from across campus. The faculty maintain ties with colleagues across the U.S. and the globe, and regularly sponsor scholarly events on campus. Cinema and Media Studies aims to promote a robust and vigorous intellectual environment, and to create a scholarly home for the advanced study of cinema and media.