Past Courses

FALL 2019

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Film Form and Culture

Eric Zakim
Credits: 3
Also offered as: ENGL245.
Introduction to film as art form and how films create meaning. Basic film terminology; fundamental principles of film form, film narrative, and film history. Examination of film technique and style over past one hundred years. Social and economic functions of film within broader institutional, economic, and cultural contexts.

Special Topics in International Film Studies; Iranian Cinema

Matthew Miller
Credits: 3
Credit granted for PERS283, FILM283, or FILM298B.
Introduction to Iranian cinema, society, and culture. Taught in English.

Film Art in a Global Society

Shalom Rosenberg
Tung-An Wei
Credits: 3
Also offered as: CMLT280.

Merchants, Rabbis and Schmaltz: The Politics of Jews and Film

Adi Mahalel
Credits: 3
Also offered as JWST219T.
What are the different ways Jews and Jewishness have been represented in Cinema over time? How have Jewish filmmakers used the cinematic medium to construct or deconstruct Jewish identity? Students will investigate different types of representations of Jews, asking how they operate in the context of the broader film traditions, and more.

Cinema History I: The Silent Era

Oliver Gaycken
Credits: 3
Examines the development of silent cinema from the 1890s to the early 1930s drawing on at least five distinct national traditions (French, German, Russian, British, and American). Introduces students to key cinematic conventions as they emerged around the world.

One Hundred Years of Hollywood and Politics

Saverio Giovacchini
Credits: 3
Also offered as HIST319W.

Soviet Film: Propaganda, Myth, Modernism

Elizabeth Papazian
Credits: 3
Also offered as: RUSS334.
A Survey of Soviet film from the 1920s to 1991, focusing on important directors, genres, themes, and styles. Taught in English.

The Films of Alfred Hitchcock

Marianne Conroy
Credits: 3
An examination of important Hitchcock films from the perspective of innovation, aesthetics, and cultural history.

The Global Western

Elizabeth Papazian & Eric Zakim
Credits: 3
An examination of the western as a transnational film genre.

Experiential Learning: Film Studies

(Perm Req)
Credits: 1-3
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Youth, Identity, Nation: A Survey of Quebec Cinema

Mercédès Baillargeon
Credits: 3
Also offered as FREN499C.
This course will examine the way youth, identity, and nationalism have been portrayed in Quebec cinema from the late 1950's to today through a historical, thematic, and cinematographic perspective. Taught in English.

French Cinema: A Cultural Approach

Caroline Eades
Credits: 3
Also offered as FREN499A.
A presentation of French culture, history, and society through the study of French contemporary films. Taught in French.

Cinema in the History of Media

Luka Arsenjuk
Credits: 3
A study of the place of cinema in the history of optical and audiovisual media from the early modern period (Renaissance) to the present.

Directed Study in Film Studies

(Perm Req)
Credits: 1-3
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