About the Major in Cinema and Media Studies

The Program in Cinema and Media Studies is an interdisciplinary program in the Humanities that enables students to explore an influential global art form in its aesthetic, cultural, economic, historical, and technological dimensions. The undergraduate major in Cinema and Media Studies provides students with a solid background in theoretical, critical, and aesthetic aspects of the study of film, including the history of the medium and the analysis of national cinemas, always keeping in view questions of how cinema interacts with other media. The major brings together courses in cinema and media from varied nations, languages, and cultures and challenges students to understand the systems of transnational exchange that have characterized this medium from its inception. The major teaches the fundamental skills required for a range of professional careers: critical thinking, historical awareness, research, information management, cogent development of ideas, and strong written and oral communication.

The Cinema and Media Studies major has four parts:

1. a prerequisite course in Film Form (ENGL/FILM245),
2. a two-course Film History and Theory Foundation (ENGL/FILM301 and 302),
3. a six-course Film Criticism Core,
4. and four Film Electives.

The first two parts of the program assure that students have the necessary analytical tools and historical background to interpret diverse global cinematic traditions. The Film Criticism Core and Film Electives offer students the opportunity to explore genres, themes, and movements across different historical periods and to develop their skills in analysis, writing, and research. More information about the requirements for the major may be found on the Requirements page.

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