How to Become an Affiliate

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at the University of Maryland who have research interests in the study of film are encouraged to apply to be affiliates of the GSFC in Film Studies.
The benefits of affiliate status include:

  • facilitated access to any class listed on the film studies web site.
  • special access to visiting speakers.
  • access to GSFC faculty as members/outside members of dissertation committees.
  • being listed on our website.

Affiliates will be expected to attend field committee events, report at the end of each year on their activities and provide us with up to date information about themselves and their research for the website. Additionally, all students participating in the GSFC are encouraged to attend the one-credit Graduate Colloquium in Film Studies held each spring.

To apply, send a letter of request, accompanied by a letter of support from your primary research mentor to:

Elizabeth Papazian - Co-convener
Graduate Field Committee in Film Studies
SLLC – 3215 Jimenez Hall
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Please include your full name, program/status, department, email address and your advisor’s name.